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Аньян металлургический сокращения загрязнения получится признания общества
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As the key unit to achieve emission reduction, Xuanhua Steel of Hebei Iron & Steel Group has accomplished the emission reduction task in 2009, and creates direct economic benefit of RMB107,500,000.
No.1 and No.2 Coke Oven are of 6 meters high and they belong to the first generation oven of our nation. This kind of oven has been produced for 20 years, and has brought serious dust pollution. Through practice, technicians of Xuanhua Steel have turned double gas-gathering line into single gas-gathering line and have reduced dust pollution of 2,190 tons per year. After city gas project in Changchiakou was put into production, dust and industrial sewage treatment becomes technical innovation target of Xuanhua Steel again. To meet the nation’s requirement of making no more pollution while increasing the production, Xuanhua Steel has implemented technical reformations such as Using Gas to Support All of the Ovens, and effectively makes the emission of SO2 and dust reached the national discharge standard or be substandard. Meanwhile, Xuanhua Steel has developed and applied the technology of using ammonia steaming sewage instead of soft water to scrub gas, which turns waste into useful item and reduces 30 tons of ammonia steaming sewage per hour. Biochemical treatment cost of RMB 2,628,000 is reduced per year. Up to now, soft water of 1,000,000 tons is saved due to application of this technology.
In 2009, Xuanhua Steel has achieved 10 energy-saving technology results, one of which was to develop and apply controllable wet coke-quenching and was awarded the Most Excellent in Energy Saving. With 100% rate of pass in comprehensive pollution discharge, Xuanhua Steel has passed the clean production inspection organized by Environmental Protection Agent of Hebei Province for two consecutive years.
ShanXi шос юаней металлургия машиностроительной компании с ограниченной ответственностью
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