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Аньян металлургический сокращения загрязнения получится признания общества
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At present, with the rapid development of high-temperature industry such as steel industry, industry of refractory material especially unshaped refractory material also grows fast. For its features of simple processing, convenient to use in construction, good performance, energy saving, unshaped refractory material receives extensive attention and has been accepted by users.
Currently, output of unshaped refractory material in our country has already reached over one third of the total output. New technology, new process and new methods relevant to unshaped refractory material are coming to the fore and have promoted the update and improvement of unshaped refractory material testing.
As an important branch of refractory material, unshaped refractory material has many advantages and has been widely used in various industry fields. Therefore, research into the basic theory, new techniques and devices of unshaped refractory material has been paid more and more attention to. The testing technique is regarded as an important means to know unshaped refractory material performance and to have a good grasp of this material, thus we should further research and develop the testing techniques, so that we can improve the quality and performance of unshaped refractory material.
ShanXi шос юаней металлургия машиностроительной компании с ограниченной ответственностью
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