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  ADD:126# Economic & Technological Development Zone,Weiyang District,Xi'an,China
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· 8 Sets of High Purity Ferro-silicon Furnace Completed Successfully in 2016 [2017-04-13]
· Project in Progress in 2017 [2017-04-13]
· Foreign Clients Coming to Communicate with Us and Visit Our Factory [2016-05-11]
· 3000KVA Silicon Manganese Closed Furnace [2016-05-08]
· GOOD NEWS -- Contract of 1000KVA Metal Silicon Furnace Project was Signed by and between Shaanxi He Yuan Metallurgy Electromechanical Co., Ltd. and MAUGE AL-SAMAA CO. of Iraq [2014-11-04]
· Xianyang Panzhou Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. [2014-09-02]
· Shaanxi He Yuan Metallurgy Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Has Achieved Success in Website Construction [2010-06-07]
· EAF will be the New Favorite in Global Steel Industry [2010-06-07]
· What Parts Is Furnace Hydraulic System Composed of? What Are the Functions of These Parts? [2010-06-07]
· What Characteristics Does Furnace Transformer Have? [2010-06-07]
· Steelmaking Process of Electric Arc Furnace [2010-06-07]
· 图片新闻 Adopting Atomization Technology to Handle Electric Furnace Slag [2010-06-07]
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Shaanxi He Yuan Metallurgy Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
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