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Xianyang Panzhou Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd.
Publisher:this website ¡¡Times:2014-09-02 16:20:00

Main Product: industrial charcoal
Contact Person: Mr. Gao -- Sales Manager
Number of Staffs: 50
Address: Panzhou village, Qianxian County, Shaanxi Province, China
Tel:  +0086-15934808291
Main Service: charcoal; agricultural by-product processing
Company Nature: company limited by shares--producing and processing
Industry Category: agricultural product processing
Company Home Page: Xianyang Panzhou Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd.
Our factory is located in Xianyang, Shaanxi province, which known as charcoal base. Charcoal industry in this area has been developed for more than half a century. After years of development and improvement, a perfect charcoal business chain was formed in this area. Each link such as daily procurement of large amount of wood, excellent professional worker, skilled firing, professional bagging team & loading team, convenient logistics system has been developed quite mature. The market is getting more and more large. If all manufactures of this market works, charcoal production will be no less than 100 tons per month. Our company is operating in this mature environment. Under mature market of such scale, we operate our business with all our heart, and believe all of this can bring us a lot of competitive advantages. We believe that to select us to cooperate with will be a good and wise choice.
Brief Introduction to Fruit Charcoal
The apple tree is a perennial species. The wood is solid and close, and the growth cycle is long. According to years of experience, fruit charcoal is economical raw materials. Update of a large number of apple tree each year also provides rich raw materials to make charcoal.
Our charcoal factory is located in Xianyang, Shaanxi province. It is located on the Yellow River coast. We produce fruit charcoal for many years. Our carbonization technology and process are mature. With the same raw materials, we can produce charcoal with higher carbon content, higher calorific value, and lower ash content. Besides, our charcoal is less easy to break up. We have strict requirements: no earth blocks, no carbon powder, and no part with insufficient burnt. This is to ensure that each batch of products can be qualified. We are always making all efforts to make our customer satisfied.
To meet needs of the market, our factory began wholesale this year to supply shopping malls, supermarkets, and small packaging fruit charcoal for camping. Content of fixed carbon of our charcoal is 75%; the heat is 7500 calories; the ash content is 4%; the moisture content is 5%. The indicators fully meet customer requirements for carbon. The Ex factory price is RMB2800.00 to 3000.00 yuan per ton.
Shaanxi He Yuan Metallurgy Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
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