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EAF will be the New Favorite in Global Steel Industry
Publisher:this website ¡¡Times:2010-06-07 15:40:14

EAF steel-smelting technology has 100 years of history. However, only in the recent 18 years that application of EAF had brought revolution of steel-smelting technology. In the early 1980s, due to the weakness of iron and steel complex, steel manufacturers had to reconsider the research and development of technology in abbreviated steel plant. By the end of the next year, EAF technology is going to be the main steel-smelting technology in American; By 2010, it will be the same to other countries in the world. At present, one new furnace is put into production each week on average. Crude steel output of EAF is increasing at a rate of 4.6£¥ each year. In Europe, the increasing speed is lower. The development of abbreviated steel plant is lower than that of North American. The main reason is high electricity price and low-quality scrap steel. There are 60 abbreviated steel plants in Europe, and only 2 of them produce flat steel product. Compare to iron and steel complex, abbreviated steel plant has competitive advantages in investment expense and operation cost. At present, $700 per ton is needed in average to build a green steel complex. However, for EAF, it can be only $100. In the late 1980s, due to the ability in reducing energy consumption and labor hour, DC EAF has been paid more attention to. It has brought technology innovation. Energy consumption of DC EAF is 5£¥¡«10£¥ lower than that of AC EAF with the same capacity. DC EAF can also reduce electrode consumption. At least 130 sets of DC EAF are in production or in construction in the world now. This number accounts for 70% in new EAF market. DC EAF may become leader in EAF steel melting industry in 21st century.
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