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The Action of Anyang Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd to Reduce the Pollution is Approved by the Society
Publisher:this website ¡¡Times:2010-06-07 15:52:09

Anyang Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. was awarded one of the Top Ten Most Excellent Enterprises in Pollution Reduction.
As a large iron and steel complex enterprise, Anyang Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. has endeavored to act up to scientific concept of development for several years. As the company rapidly expanded the production, it also implemented pollution reduction strategy and worked a lot on it. Since 2003, through implementing the development strategy of ¡°The Three Steps¡±, the company has eliminated 45 sets of large out-dated equipment and 6,000,000 tons of backward equipment capacity. Meanwhile, it also invest RMB18,000,000,000, in which 11.9% of the investment (equals to RMB2,140,000,000) is for environmental protection. While improving the equipment operation, optimizing processing techniques, upsizing and modernizing equipment, improving equipment efficiency, and saving energy in production, the company also reformed the biochemical treatment system to deal with phenol and cyanogens water. A group of environmental protection projects were accomplished such as gas desulfurization and decyanation of coke oven, sewage treatment plant which is able to deal with 120,000 tons of sewage, coke oven CDQ, blast furnace TRT, and so on. For each year, 7,266 tons of dust, 5,184 tons of SO2£¬1,640 tons of nitrogen oxide, over 1,400 tons of COD, 1,100,000 tons of CO2 , and 32,400,000 m2 of water is reduced and 650,000,000 kwh of electricity is generated. The problem of high consumption and pollution is totally solved.
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