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The Second Steel Factory of Maanshan Steel Adopts New Refractory Material to Protect Furnace Cooling Wall
Publisher:this website ¡¡Times:2010-06-07 15:56:42

Recently, the Second Steel Factory of Maanshan Steel adopts new refractory material ZBL-2 during the furnace periodical repair. New furnace lining is then formed by pressure grouting between furnace materials and furnace wall. It protects the cooling wall better, and helps to achieve long-term stable operation of the furnace.
With the improvement of furnace capacity, lining material that used before can no longer meet the needs of equipment protection. Gas releases heavily at the back of cooling wall, which not only threaten the personal safety, but also bad to long-term stable operation of furnace. Therefore, the factory chooses to use new refractory material with low cost, high structural strength, good liquidity, good stability, good anti-strip performance, and anti-erosion performance. Through replacing damaged parts on furnace body, opening on furnace shell, making up lining by pressure grouting, the new material is hardened and curdled quickly under surplus heat of the furnace body and furnace lining. Then the hard and compact lining is formed. This not only prolongs the service life of furnace, but also guarantees personal safety and improves operation efficiency of furnace.
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